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Petrol and diesel prices have increased in UAE starting from July.


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Addressing the issue of road safety, a local newspaper has highlighted that traffic accidents are a major cause for concern in the country, resulting, as they do, in possible death, injury, and financial damage.

“All that is needed to avoid accidents is for motorists to adhere to the traffic safety rules framed by the authorities with the good intention of saving precious lives and property,” said The Gulf Today, in an editorial published on Thursday, adding that, “Every traffic accident on the road is an indication that someone has failed to take enough precautions or flouted the rules.”

The Ministry of Interior has been doing its best to create awareness on the subject. Its third traffic awareness campaign in 2017, under the slogan, “Summer Without Accidents,” runs until September 1.

There were 961 accidents that led to the deaths of 170 people and injuries to 1,213 people during last summer, as highlighted by Brigadier Ghaith [...]

Petrol and diesel prices have decreased in UAE starting from July.

‘Design-1’ is a sports car designed and built entirely in the UAE by Jannarelly Automotive with Equation Composites LLC – the first company to have acquired a car manufacturing license in the country. Inspired by the classic sports cars of the 1960s, the automobile is a lightweight retro-futuristic car built using hi-tech composite materials. Equation Composites uses a small team of specialists to build each car, valued anywhere between $70,000 and $90,000, allowing for a high degree of customisation according to the specific requirements of customers.

Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, has transported the first car designed and built entirely in the UAE to France where it will be exhibited during the prestigious ‘24 hours of Le Mans’ endurance race.

Emirates SkyCargo worked with Prodex worldwide, a specialist freight forwarding company providing specialist transport, logistics and warehousing services across a number of domains, including the aerospace and automotive industry, to transport the [...]

Smoking driver will get a AED 1,000 if caught throwing a cigarette butt from the window of their car.

Currently the fine is AED 500 and the increased fine ( AED 1,000) will be effective from 1st of July.

Dubai police said those polluting the environment and causing fire hazards needs to face harsher punishments.

Last month, Dubai Municipality gathered upto 30 kilograms of cigarette waste from Sheikh Zayed Road in a single day.

Many motorists do not understand the extent of this problem. “When drivers are pulled over for throwing a cigarette butt from their car, they are often surprised and angry, arguing their offense is minor,” said Major General Mohammed Al Zafeen, assistant commander of Dubai Police.

“There is no doubt in our minds that the many fires seen on the motorway edge of roads are caused by people flinging cigarettes from car windows,” said Colonel Rashid [...]

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