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How to stay safe on the roads during Ramadan

During Ramadan, motorists are always advised to be extra careful as the month usually sees an increase in accidents. Ramadan is very special for Muslims as it is all about meditating and being close to your family and loved ones. This heightened sense of togetherness can literally be seen by the number of cars that ply on UAE’s roads. During this time, more cars drive around town, especially once the fast is broken.

Due to fasting, some of you might be prone to fatigue, distraction and decreased awareness. But these should not stop you from being with your family and friends during the Holy Month. These 15 tips will get you from point A to point B safely during Ramadan.

Be extra alert on the roads

– Look left, right and centre more than you should. Other motorists might turn without signalling or make sudden movements on the road.

Drive defensively

– Learn to expect the unexpected, and to manoeuvre yourself out of a tangle.

Be mindful of other traffic elements

– Apart from cars, some roads also have cyclists or walking pedestrians. Be considerate and share the road.

Wear a seatbelt

– Not just because it’s Ramadan, but because there’s a fine if you don’t.

Don’t tailgate

– Tailgating was the number one cause of accidents in Dubai last year. Don’t be part of the statistic.

Don’t cross signals in a split second

– Being on a rush is not an excuse to jump a red light.

Remember that you can be late

– Many people will understand if you arrive late for an appointment during Ramadan.

They might also face the same impediment.

Drive slowly

– Accidents rarely occur when you follow the rules of the road. You also save up on speeding fines.

Plan your day

– It’s always good to know when the fast is broken so you can anticipate in advance which roads will be clogged.

Learn to gauge yourself

– Can you drive? Are you feeling lethargic? If your answer to both of these are no, see the point below.

Take public transport

– Take a cab, take the Metro or take the bus. Driving requires a certain degree of awareness.

If you’re feeling dizzy while driving, STOP

– Pull over on the side of the road and take a minute to compose yourself.

Don’t fall victim to ‘road rage’

– Be calm, and avoid shouting or arguing with fellow motorists. It doesn’t help.

Have enough sleep

– As the song goes, it makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Keep your focus on the road

– Do not break the fast in your car. Because that splits your focus into grabbing a bite and making your way around roads.

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